Carte Blanche Conseil specifies, develops and operates integrated solutions for public and private operators of transport services and infrastructure.

Our interventions range from digital signage to access control, from online ticket sales to financial flow reconciliation.

Trade knowledge

Our modus operandi is based on an in-depth dialogue to find the right solutions to the client requirements, those of its partners and those of the end users.

Our knowledge of standards and the rigour of our methods help us in creating sustainable and scalable solutions that respond to their users’ needs.

Software quality

We support our clients from the initial study to the delivery of an application that they can own.
Carte Blanche Conseil can also deliver a tailor-made service for your operations.

We have put in place procedures and methods to guarantee quality development, application maintenance and high-performance operation for our clients.

High availability

Our team has daily experience in the development and operation of real-time and Internet services with an availability above 99.8%.

This level of performance implies constraints of on-call availability to which the project team is trained and accustomed.